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Who is ScanSolutions?

ScanSolutions: Your Best Solution for High Quality Flatbed and Drum Scanners

High Quality Flatbed and Drum Scanners

ScanSolutions is recognized by international photographers, fine artists, museums, archival institutions, scientific professionals and libraries as the resource for high-end professional scanners.

ScanSolutions originated as a division of Genesis Equipment Marketing, the successful and renowned prepress refurbishing company. Genesis served the printing industry for over 20 years, selling and servicing a line of high-end scanners among other prepress hardware. Popular among the flatbed and drum scanner brands that Genesis carried, were Creo/Scitex, Kodak, Screen, Howtek and Linotype-Hell/Heidelberg.

As the prepress industry changed and the demand for high-end scanning gradually faded, Genesis Equipment Marketing had the forethought to spin-off the scanner division — and ScanSolutions was born. With a new focus and mission, ScanSolutions is better equipped to concentrate on the diversified markets these high-end scanners are now serving.

At ScanSolutions, we have developed an unparalleled knowledge of the Eversmart and iQSmart flatbed scanners. While Scitex was acquired by Creo and later by Kodak, our expertise of the flatbed technology soon exceeded that of the manufacturers’ field techs.

We have since expanded our scanner line to include the Screen Cezanne flatbed scanner and the Howtek (Aztek) and Heidelberg drum scanner lines. Over time, ScanSolutions has built an environment and acquired the technology and parts to provide exceptional service for these units for many years into the future.

Our passion for the superlative quality and reliability of these scanners allows us to serve a wide array of industries where superior reproduction is a necessity. How can we help you?

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