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Why High-Quality Scanners?
For many years, professional grade flatbed and drum scanners by Creo, Kodak, Howtek and other manufacturers were prized by the printing industry to convert images into digital form suitable for CMYK output. Made with exceptional craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, this equipment was built at a time when longevity was expected and demanded.  Printer companies eagerly paid $30,000 to $100,000 knowing that these scanners would provide a level of quality and a quick return on investment.  Over time, clients began supplying digital images to printing companies and the demand for high-end scanners waned. In light of slumping sales, manufacturing of high-end scanners dwindled and eventually ceased.

These high-end scanners, known for their unparalleled performance, have been repurposed and have found homes in many new industries where quality is essential.  Publishing companies, national museums, archivists, scientists and fine artists are utilizing the Creo, Kodak, Heidelberg, Screen and Howtek scanners to take advantage of their unsurpassed quality. There are simply no new product offerings at the same price point that can touch the density, detail and precision of these high-end scanners.


Refurbished Flatbed Scanners

Convenience without Sacrificing Quality!
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Refurbished Drum Scanners

Rotating Drum + Photo-Multiplier Tube Technology = Precision Accuracy and Ultimate Detail!
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Scanner Parts

In need of a lamp or a critical scanner part? We have what you need. . .
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Consignment Equipment

Promote your products with ScanSolutions. Contact us for listing requirements and fee structures.
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