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Looking for a high-end scanner or need to upgrade your existing scanner? Have a quality flatbed or drum scanner to sell? Need a sustainable service contract for your scanning equipment?

We can provide you with the products and services you need to sustain a long-term, profitable environment for your professional flatbed or drum scanner.

Flatbed and Drum Scanner Solutions
We offer a selection of Creo, Kodak, Screen, Howtek and Heidelberg flatbed and drum scanners. Subject to availability.

Each one of our scanners undergoes 20-40 hours of cleaning and testing. All worn or broken parts are replaced, and the equipment comes to you complete with the latest software and a parts warranty.

We Purchase Equipment
We want to purchase your high-end scanner! Submit details and we will evaluate it for a competitive offer.

Repair Service
Whether you need parts or an in-depth overhaul, save money by sending your scanner to our facility for repair or refurbishment.

Service Contracts
If you manage multiple scanners or need to ensure that your scanners are always up and running for you, we happily provide Service Contracts to suit your needs. Get business-hour and after-hour service plus discounts on parts.

Turnkey Systems
Some high-end flatbed and drum scanners require specific computers and hardware that may not be readily available in the market today. We can provide you with the hardware and software that you need to set up a complete and fully functional system right out of the box.

Phone Support
While our high quality scanners are extremely reliable, like anything, they do need attention once in a while. We provide phone support to answer your questions or quickly walk you through the most common solutions to your problems. Don’t speak English? No problem. We have translation capability.

We carry a range of replacement parts for Creo, Kodak, Screen, Howtek, Heidelberg and other flatbed / drum scanners.

Relocation Services
If you need your equipment moved to another location, we will lock down and package your scanners to prevent damage. Our goal is to protect your valuable investment. Let us help you ensure that your scanners are safe and secure during your move, either in person or by phone.

No need to overspend on new equipment when a refurbished, high-end flatbed or drum scanner can achieve the quality you demand.

  • Reliable
  • Cost-effective
  • Superb Performance