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Consignment Equipment

Have an item you would like to sell?  Allow us to market your device to our client base.   Items need to be related to the industry and a product we do not normally sell ourselves.  We do not charge for listing your item; we only take a nominal consignment fee when the product sells. 

Interested in a specific listing or desire more information?  Feel free to contact us with any inquiries. 

Eversmart Supreme II $18,500.00

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This scanner was professionally refurbished, adjusted and upgraded to a Supreme II by ScanSolutions, LLC.  The scanner was delivered to the client in May of 2022 and only used a few times.  Due to unfortunate circumstances, the client is now forced to sell this wonderful configuration.  

The Eversmart Surpreme II is unsurpassed in CCD scanning technology and is even superior to the Imacon/Hasselblad Flextight product line.  When properly refurbished and adjusted, the Eversmart Supreme series of scanners will produce scans that will rival some of the best drum scanners on the market.  

This package is offered as a turn-key solution, which includes:

Eversmart Supreme II
Wet Mount Station with anti-Newton wet mount glass (unopened - still in wrap)
Mac Computer preconfigured with Snow Leopard OS and Oxygen Scan software

Specifications of the Eversmart Supreme II:

  • 5,600 dpi true optical resolution over the entire bed
  • 14,000 dpi maximum interpolated resolution
  • 12"x17" reflective & transparency
  • XY scanning
  • CMYK & RGB
  • SCSI or Firewire Connectivity
  • Oxygen Scan software
  • Up to 120 scans per hour

Aztek Premier $12,000.00

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  • 8,000 dpi true optical resolution
  • 17 aperture settings
  • 11.5"x12" transparent & reflective
  • PMT technology
  • Tungsten Halogen Lamps
  • RGB
  • 4.2 Density Max
  • SCSI-2 Interface