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Consignment Equipment

Have an item you would like to sell?  Allow us to market your device to our client base.   Items need to be related to the industry and a product we do not normally sell ourselves.  We do not charge for listing your item; we only take a nominal consignment fee when the product sells. 

Interested in a specific listing or desire more information?  Feel free to contact us with any inquiries. 

Imacon Flextight 949 This item is sold.

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  • Recently PM/service at Hasselblad
  • Equal, if not better, capability of the new Hasselblad X5
  • Tri-Linear CCD Sensor [3x 8000]
  • 8,000 ppi maximum true optical resolution
  • Scans film [negative/positive] and prints
  • 16 bit true color depth [8 or 16 bit TIFF file]
  • Up to 200 Mb/min. scanning speed in 16 bit mode
  • FlexColor software for Mac [upgrade to the latest version via Hasselblad]
  • 4.9 Dmax single pass scan
  • Format:  Film-35mm to 120x245mm; Prints-up to A4
  • Up to 3,800% magnification
  • Up to 1.2GB maximum file size
  • Autofocus
  • Auto frame detection
  • Active cooling
  • Firewire interface
  • Various auto-feeders and holders included

Specification Sheet